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Your property questions, answered – Abu Dhabi World Online

From concerns about fire safety to issues with neighbours, Alan Kaye, director of business development at District Real Estate, is here to help

Our neighbour has four cars and although he has a double garage and room to park them on his drive they are often parked across our drive. Is there anything that we can do?

Disputes with neighbours should be avoided at all costs. I sympathise with your problem and suggest that you invite him into your house and have a quiet word with him. Explain the problem and hopefully an amicable solution will be found.

Try to avoid complaining to the management company and, as a last resort, the police, as this can only lead to a more difficult situation.

We live in an apartment block with a balcony on the eighth floor. I have just noticed two cigarette butts on my balcony, which I find both disgusting and dangerous. What do you suggest that I should do?

This is illegal and a serious matter, particularly as some of the recent fires in tower blocks have been caused by cigarettes.

Speak immediately with your property management company and follow up with an email so that your complaint is logged.

If it occurs again then I would speak with the police to take whatever action they feel is required.

We have recently arrived in Abu Dhabi and have just started to look for an apartment. We are used to paying monthly for accommodation so are really surprised to find that we are expected to pay up front with only one or two payments. Is there anywhere in Abu Dhabi that will accept more payments?

There is currently a big change happening in the rental market in Abu Dhabi. Traditionally, one or two payments were the norm but with supply being greater than the demand, many landlords are now becoming much more flexible and realistic.

The government is also encouraging this trend by no longer paying housing allowances.

Saadiyat Beach Residence and Amwaj at Raha Beach are two developments where they accept 12 payments.

Check with your real estate broker for other places where this is now accepted.

Nine months ago, we moved into a new villa compound. We were told that the communal facilities would be completed within three months but they have still not been finished and no one can give me a clear answer as to when they will be. Can we ask for a refund on rent?

In Abu Dhabi, this is unfortunately something that happens all too often. We always advise clients not to rely on promises and, if you cannot actually see something, to assume it is not there. You are unlikely to receive a refund on rent, but you should negotiate for a reduction in rent next year if you choose to renew your contract.

I have just received a renewal notice for my apartment and I am shocked to find that the rent has been increased and the maximum number of cheques that will be accepted is two. What should I do?

I have been told by property management companies that over half of renewal notices are never queried and just paid, hence your notice with an increase.

The amount of rent requested on the renewal notice should always be negotiated but do it from a position of strength. Check the current rents of similar apartments in your building and also in the vicinity.

Also find out the number of cheques that new tenants are now paying and send back a reply using this information with a realistic proposal.

If you have any property related queries, send them in to contactus@adwonline.ae

This article was supplied by a third party and does not reflect the views of Abu Dhabi World. To find out more, visit: districtuae.com

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