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Home » Video: Sudden lane changes cause horrific accidents in UAE – News

Video: Sudden lane changes cause horrific accidents in UAE – News

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The videos shows why it’s important to main adequate distance with vehicles all around you, and not just the one in front.

The Abu Dhabi Police on Wednesday shared a video of horrific road accidents caused by sudden lane changes.

The 36-second-long video shows a bus in the fifth lane giving an indicator and moving left into the adjacent lane, unaware of a truck driving dangerously close on that lane. The truck, in an attempt to avoid the bus, moves to the left suddenly. A sedan, already in this lane, swerves left two lanes, almost hitting an SUV in the last lane. The sedan then loses control, and rams into the truck it had earlier tried to avoid. The truck then careens to the last lane, smashes into the SUV and sends it crashing into the safety barrier on the road shoulder. The truck ends up losing its balance and falls over sideways.

The second part of the video shows two vehicles – an SUV and a sedan – on the fast lane, and one sedan in the lane adjacent to them. The sedan in the fast lane, which is behind the SUV, tries to change lanes and moves right, almost colliding with the sedan on the right. This sedan then swerves right to avoid the car on the left. In the process, the driver loses control of the vehicle and it swerves the width of the road and collides with the sedan on the fast lane. This other sedan then swerves right and hits the barrier on the right shoulder, almost toppling over to the other side.

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