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Video: Sportsman makes air hostess cry, delays flight by 90 minutes

The aircraft had to return back to the airport to allow police to board the plane.

An EasyJet flight to Belfast, Ireland, was forced to abort take-off after a rugby player onboard allegedly sexually harassed a female cabin crew member. The incident left the air hostess in tears and caused the flight a delay of 90 minutes as the plane returned to parking bay, waiting for police to arrive. 

According to a report in Daily Mail, a group of rowdy rugby players boarded the plane at Bristol Airport, England, at 1:10 pm on Friday and started creating chaos on the plane. According to passengers, one of them walked up to a female cabin crew member as soon as the routine safety demonstration was over.

“It was horrible, it was really dreadful. It was a group of about 20-30 men, aged in their 40s and 50s, and even at the gate they were making a real show of themselves. Some of them had definitely had a few drinks. They were being so loud you couldn’t hear yourself speak,” said a passenger, Rachel Davies, 40.

Davies added that after one the ruby players approached a female cabin crew member, an announcement was made about the take-off being cancelled. “One of the men got out of his seat, when we were all supposed to have our seatbelts on, and walked down the aisle towards two female members of staff. I couldn’t hear what he said to them, but one of the women said ‘I am treating this as sexual harassment’,” Davies added.

The accused was handed over to police and the plane finally took-off at 3:15 pm, after a delay of 90 minutes. “As police escorted him off, the lady in the cabin crew was in floods of tears, and was saying that she didn’t feel safe on that flight. It was quite intimidating. One of his friends left the flight with him, for support, and then we set off,” Davies said.

Speaking of the incident, a spokesperson for Bristol Airport said: “Any anti-social behaviour is not accepted by the Airport or airlines and is illegal. In worst cases such behaviour can result in fines, travel bans and custodial sentences. We would like to apologise to passengers for the delay and thank them for their understanding.”

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