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Home » Video: Inattentive drivers jump red lights in UAE, cause accidents – News

Video: Inattentive drivers jump red lights in UAE, cause accidents – News

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The Abu Dhabi Police on Wednesday shared a video compilation of inattentive motorists jumping the red light from a standstill.

The video shows vehicles waiting to take a left turn at an intersection, along with vehicles waiting to move straight ahead. Shortly afterwards, the traffic light for those heading straight turns green, while the light for those meant to go left remains red. However, inattentive motorists take the left turn, straight into oncoming traffic, leading to accidents.

The police also reiterated the penalty for jumping traffic lights.

Jumping a traffic light will result in a fine of Dh1,000 fine and 12 traffic points, they said in a social media post published in four languages.

The vehicle is liable to be impounded for 30 days, and a release of the impounded vehicle can cost Dh50,000.

The motorist is also likely to face a six-month driving licence suspension.

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