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Home » US election live blog: Will Trump exit the scene quietly? – News

US election live blog: Will Trump exit the scene quietly? – News

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If Trump wins, it will be more of the same.

The world is waiting with bated breath as Americans line up to choose the next president. Most probably, all of us in the UAE will wake up to news about the new president of the US tomorrow morning, unless it is a very close contest in battleground states. If Trump wins, it will be more of the same.

We will have entertainment aplenty. No shortage of headlines. But if he exits the scene, Biden will usher in an old style, cool but hard-headed diplomacy. No scope for entertainment and sensationalism. We have to read between the lines for the headlines. But will Trump exit the scene quietly, without a fight? I doubt he will. He has given enough indications. He once said he cannot think of living in a country ruled by Biden and talked of leaving the country for good.

Will right-wing white militias — about whom we are hearing a lot — create some nuisance? Will there be a law and order problem? We have to wait and see.

7:34pm: Why the shadow of Trump presidency will not be erased easily

(By Anamika Chatterjee)

When 100 million people come out to vote, you know it is change they seek. One of the most hotly contested elections in American history, 2020 will have important lessons for whoever takes the mantle hereon.

In the four years of Trump presidency, the very idea of America stood tweaked. From leading the global order, it began looking inwards in an endeavour to make the country “great again”. It also spiralled a process of othering those who affected the prospects of the American people. Western liberalism was deemed ineffectual for the modern age. From Twitter outbursts to dismissing the pandemic as hoax to the mystery revolving around his financial disclosure, the four years have also seemed like one long season of The Apprentice.

Whoever takes the mantle from Mr Trump, either now or a few years later, will be tasked with undoing the spectacle that the POTUS has consciously and unconsciously provided to the world. The challenge will not simply be to reclaim the role it once played in global polity, but to reassess why liberal values could be so easily undermined during the Trump years. It will not simply be about action, but also introspection.

5:14pm- Tiny virus is Trump’s bigger foe

(By Allan Jacob)

How did the US come to this, one wonders. A nation that cannot see eye to eye. Our correspondent in the US mentioned the mood was gloomy. There’s suspicion all around. Much as one would like to call President Trump unpredictable and polarising, he has played to his strengths as a businessman-politician making deals.

He was on top of things on the economic front till the pandemic struck. He saw the warning signs but didn’t prepare America for it. That should rank as his biggest failure. In January, Trump would have run away with the election. Today, his bigger foe is in fact a tiny pathogen and not Joe Biden.

The administration’s inability to check the spread of the coronavirus could prove to be the diference between victory and defeat.

3:20pm-Trust the American voter

(By Allan Jacob)

The polls have predicted their winner – Joseph Biden Jr. But Donald J. Trump will not go down without a fight. He’s combative and out to prove the pollsters wrong and get even with what he calls the fake media.

Agenda-driven journalism has widened the divide in America when the country needed healing. The media is also partly to blame with many becoming mouthpieces of the Democrats or the Republicans and their donors.

This election, if a victor doesn’t emerge, by a landslide, will sink into a a deeper ideological war that could eat into a vitals of its American society. The American voter is smart and is sure of what he or she wants. They think on they feet and have made up their minds. May the best man win.

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