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Unstable weather, rain to continue in UAE – News

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Unstable weather conditions prevail across the country, with more rain – accompanied by thunder and lightning – forecast. Strong winds will blow up dust and sand over exposed areas with poor horizontal visibility.

According to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), the weather on Thursday, November 21, will be cloudy, with wind speed expected to reach up to 50kmph. The seas will be very rough.

By Friday, November 22, the weather will be partly cloudy, with some light rainfall expected. Wind speeds will reduce and the seas will be moderate. Similar weather pattern will persist on Saturday and Sunday.

Rainfall at this time of the year is a normal weather pattern, the NCM has said. It has been enhanced thanks to the cloud seeding operations that are being carried out. The cloud seeding team carried out 181 flights from the beginning of the year until November 11. Several more flights were carried out after that, enhancing the rainfall which poured across the UAE two weeks ago.

Pilots were also on standby at the Al Ain Airport last night and waited for the go-ahead if more clouds, in the appropriate life stage, were spotted.

A spokesperson from the NCM said: “All of our operations were all over the UAE, especially in the west end and northern parts. The northern parts had a huge quantity of rain falling over UAE.

“There is possibility of more flights at night and depends on the cloud formations. Once we find proper clouds, we’ll proceed with the flights.”

The official said the winds are “natural”. “All we do is enhance the rainfall by increasing the water in the cloud.”




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