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Ubisoft dog vs. Keanu Reeves is the E3 content we've been waiting for

Yesterday, Microsoft gave us Keanu Reeves. Today, Ubisoft presents: dog.

The multi-day video game expo where hundreds of developers and publishers descend on downtown Los Angeles to market the hell out of their upcoming projects (aka “E3 2019”) hasn’t even officially begun, but already the battle for best publicity stunt is underway. And, as it turns out, Ubisoft is way in the lead.  

At the developer’s annual press conference on Monday afternoon, Ubisoft creators announced new titles, shared never-before-seen in-game footage, and welcomed Jon Bernthal, star of Ghost Recon Breakpoint and former The Walking Dead actor, to the stage with (wait for it) A DOG.

“What’s going on, everybody?” Bernthal began. “Hey, I’m Jon. This is Bam Bam the dog.”

Of course, everyone proceeded to lose it.

From declarations of love to life-long vows of protection, gamers were instantly obsessed with the pup, and his polite, professional demeanor.

Bam Bam’s spectacular cameo quickly gained comparisons to the appearance of A-list actor Keanu Reeves at Xbox’s press conference yesterday. And while Reeves is undoubtedly great, even John Wick has to admit no one can compete with man’s best friend.

Bam Bam is the youngest of Bernthal’s three pit bulls, all rescues. The striking gray and white beauty first joined the Bernthal family in July 2017, and has appeared regularly on his master’s Instagram and Twitter ever since. 

Here Bam Bam is as a puppy. 

And here’s Bam Bam on a couch. 

Here’s Bam Bam with one of Bernthal’s other dogs, Boss. 

Boss man and Bam Bam. OJAI.

A post shared by Jon Bernthal (@jonnybernthal) on

Here’s Bam Bam on his own wildly under-appreciated Twitter account (found here), observing a nearby disturbance.

And finally, here he is again at the Ubisoft press conference. Sigh. What a good, good, good boy.

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