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Uber offers ‘Quiet Mode’ for riders who don't want to talk to their drivers

“Quiet preferred.” That’s one way to tell your Uber driver to STFU, politely.

Quiet mode is one of the new preferences available beginning Tuesday evening across the U.S. for premium Uber rides, which means only Uber Black or Uber Black SUV rides. This is the first time the option has been available on the Uber app.

Now when you order a black car (that means professional drivers and luxury vehicles, so no Priuses) you have a list of preferences you can select.

Riders have been clamoring for a “quiet mode” for when you don’t want to chat. So in the app you can now say you have no preference, quiet preferred, or happy to chat as your preferred conversation level. There’s also temperature preferences and a request for luggage help.

Set up a ride the way you like it.

Image: uber

Uber’s premium rides are also adding extended pickup times and live phone support.

Lyft floated the idea of a quiet or zen mode in cars last year, and riders are still eager for the option in all rides – not only in pricier options. Lyft said there weren’t any updates on a possible zen mode on the 

Turns out everyone craves awkward silence in their ride-shares. Sorry, chatty drivers.

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