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Home » Two Dubai barbers steal Dh1.8 million by hacking online bank account – News

Two Dubai barbers steal Dh1.8 million by hacking online bank account – News

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The duo reportedly obtained a cheque book and a debit card by posing as the complainant, answering security questions, and forging an Emirates ID.

Two barbers have stood trial in Dubai for allegedly siphoning off Dh1.8 million from a bank account.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard how the two defendants — both Indian expats, aged 26 and 27 — reportedly posed as the bank customer, requested a cheque book, and forged signatures to empty the complainant’s bank account.

Court records show that the duo had fraudulently obtained a cheque book and a debit card through online banking. They allegedly contacted the bank and answered security questions, impersonating the bank account holder.

The case dates back to May 7 and was registered at Al Rafaa police station.

A bank investigator told the prosecutor that on May 27, the complainant had reported that his account had been emptied of cash.

“The complainant said he lost Dh1,924,100 from his account. We conducted an internal probe and found that the perpetrator had used the complainant’s mobile line — which is linked with the bank services — to apply for a bank card replacement and a cheque book. In the process, the fraudster posed as the real account holder and answered the identification questions to the bank staff.”

In her deposition during the public prosecution investigation, the witness added that the fraudster then received the cheque book and the bank card via a courier company. He showed the delivery employee a forged Emirates ID, bearing the picture of one of the accused, and the name of the complainant.”

The evidence included a letter from a bank showing that the fugitive, a Pakistani representing an air-conditioning maintenance business, had a cheque worth Dh928,000 deposited in his account.

Other direct withdrawals from the complainant’s account were also shown in statements.

Purchases from jewellery shops and luxury outlets made up Dh205,000 of recorded expenses.

The two barbers had been convicted in another court case. A ruling will be pronounced on December 7.



Marie Nammour

Originally from Lebanon, Marie has been covering the Dubai Courts and the Public Prosecution, immigration and labour issues often, and the Dubai International Film Festival. A graduate from the Holy Spirit university of Kaslik, Jounieh, a city to the north of Beirut, she worked as an in-house reporter of international affairs at a leading TV station back home and a legal translator for a renowned law college in the Lebanese capital. Speaks fluently four languages and is fond of travelling, psychology, learning more and grown by now a rich ‘criminal’ imagination…

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