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Three factories in UAE fined for causing foul smell – News

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The action, taken by the authority, followed a barrage of complaints about the obnoxious stink lodged by the residents.

Three factories have been fined for failing to observe storage rules which caused foul smell to spread from their warehouses to the nearby areas.

The action, taken by the Environment Protection and Development Authority, followed a barrage of complaints about the obnoxious stink lodged by the residents of Al Gheil area in Ras Al Khaimah.

Dr Saif Al Ghais, director-general of the authority, said the three factories specialise in recycling and producing engine oils.

“Such factories need to stringently adhere to certain rules to make sure that no bad odour emanates from their warehouses.”

“Engine oils have to be stored at a proper temperature, while warehouses need to be fit for such storage purposes.”
Surprise raids were carried out against all oil factories in the region to ensure their compliance with the rules.

“All of the units inspected, except the three, showed full adherence to the prescribed regulations.”
All the oil factories have been instructed not to use mud in their engine oil recycling operations.

“This technique proves dangerous because of the poisonous oxides it produces and that mostly is buried in the land, affecting the soil and environment.”

The authority is intensifying inspection raids remotely via surveillance cameras and drones, he pointed out.

“More air quality monitoring stations have been installed to ensure improvement of air quality in the emirate,” he added.



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