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Terrorism only makes Egypt and its people stronger: Kuwaiti newspaper

CAIRO – 14 August 2019: An article published by Kuwaiti daily Al Seyassah on Wednesday stressed that terrorism only makes Egypt and its people stronger and more resilient.

The article, written by Saudi writer Meshal Al-Harbi, further stressed that the “cancer” of terrorism targets the whole Arab world by targeting Egypt.

Twenty people have been killed and 47 injured after a car bomb collided with other vehicles, triggering an explosion outside a cancer hospital in central Cairo earlier this month.

The blast occurred around midnight local time on a road running alongside the Nile River in an area outside Egypt’s National Cancer Institute.

Harbi further affirmed that such terrorist attack is nothing but a proof that Egypt is walking the right path and that countries that support terrorism hate for Cairo to be the Arab world’s gate for stability.

He also said these countries hate Egyptians for standing against terrorism by flocking to the streets by millions to protest against the Muslim Brotherhood group that aimed at demolishing Egypt’s culture, history and stature.

He pointed out that Egyptians knew that overthrowing the Muslim Brotherhood’s regime would bring terrorism to Egypt, but the brave people authorized the army to confront it and fight the main battle against this malignant cancer.

Harbi also said the incident only increased the strength of Egypt and its people and also boosted solidarity between Egypt and its Gulf neighbors.

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