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Home » Suspension of West Bank annexation by Israel is real and long lasting: Gargash – News

Suspension of West Bank annexation by Israel is real and long lasting: Gargash – News

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The accord keeps the two-state solution on the table and takes away any threat of annexation of land.

The suspension of annexation of land in the West Bank as agreed by Israel in the peace deal with the UAE is “real and long lasting”, Dr. Anwar Gargash, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, said.

“I think the commitment of suspension of annexation is very clear and the presence of the US as a mediator and an interlocutor of this deal assures me that this suspension is real and long lasting,” Dr. Gargash said in a virtual press briefing on Tuesday, hours ahead of the signing of the Abraham Accord between UAE and Israel on September 15.

The signing of the accord, considered to be a historic breakthrough in the Arab-Jewish ties, will be held at the White House in the presence of US President Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, will be representing the Emirates.

Dr Gargash said the concession the UAE received from Israel to suspend any annexation will “keep the two-state solution on the table and takes away the threat of annexation of lands, from undermining the two-state solution”.

Forging new ties with Israel, the minister said, does not mean that the UAE is backtracking on its commitment to the Palestinian cause. “The UAE today has not changed its political position. It remains the same and that position is in support of Palestinian rights to a viable, independent state in East Jerusalem, that is their capital.”

However, the policy of not communicating and empty chairs does not yield results, said Gargash. According to him, Palestinians have more of a chance in realising their national aspirations with the doors of communication left open.

The UAE’s decision to normalise ties with Israel, that was swiftly followed by Bahrain – the fourth Arab country and the second GCC nation to extend a hand of friendship to Israel – has angered many in Palestine.

But Gargash argued that once “much of the anger to do with the polarisation in the Arab world subsidies”, there will be a realisation in Palestine that Israel’s new allies in the Arab world will only help leverage their cause. “It will actually help the Palestinians in impressing that the path forward needs compromises and a path forward needs more rational approach in arriving at better solutions for everyone,” he said.

He added that it is also an opportunity for Israel to show the peace that actually yields positive results “because it will only encourage the region to break many of the demonization and counter demonization that we have seen over the many years”.


Anjana Sankar

Anjana Sankar is a UAE-based journalist chasing global stories of conflict, migration and human rights. She has reported from the frontlines of the wars in Yemen and Syria and has extensively written on the refugee crisis in Bangladesh, Iraq and Europe. From interviewing Daesh militants to embedding with the UAE army in Yemen, and covering earthquakes, floods, terrorist attacks and elections, she has come out scathe-free from the most dangerous conflict zones of the world. Riding on over 14 years of experience, Anjana currently is an Assistant Editor with Khaleej Times and leads the reporting team. She often speaks about women empowerment on her Facebook page that has 40,000 plus followers.

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