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Special UAE-Israel Abraham Accord coverage: There is power in peace; the Fab Four led by the UAE prove it – News

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This peace is built on the finest of Abrahamic traditions. There is a sense of unity and purpose, and it rises above the ordinary while stunting status quo.

Peace is power; peace offers redemption, peace opens new opportunities and galvanises people and nations into action.

Peace in fact is humanity’s best weapon against the state of perpetual conflict – the so-called war economy that has destroyed millions of lives and has brought civilization to its knees over decades in the Middle East. It is often said that is harder to make peace than to wage war. Now that a warm peace is emerging in the Middle East even as the cold hand of coronavirus pandemic takes hold, there is reason to look towards the future with confidence and in the spirit of cooperative action.

Highlights of the signing ceremony later today:

> 700-1,000 dignitaries are expected to attend the White House signing ceremony at 8pm UAE time.

> Masks will not be mandatory, according to some reports, but social distancing will be maintained.

> The UAE delegation is led by Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

> The Israeli side is led by PM Benjamin Netanyahu

> The Abraham Accord is seen as a major foreign policy victory for US President Donald Trump ahead of the election in November

Today, four countries take a leap of faith to cement their ties for peace as they sign. Indeed, it is a test of faith that they have passed, and they are to be commended for showing rare courage to get this far. The naysayers have been silenced and those seeking war and violence find themselves on the wrong side of history.

Faith in peace and trust in the other has made the Abraham Accord possible between the UAE, Israel and the United States. With Bahrain, the troika have grown into the Fab Four who give new dynamism and new meaning to this virtue in the region that has tired of war. Arab youth are weary of decades of conflct and repression and are seeking hope from the destruction and despair that surrounds them.

This peace is built on the finest of Abrahamic traditions – there is a sense of unity and purpose, and it rises above the ordinary while stunting the status quo.

The UAE has emerged the Middle East’s leader for peace as it strives to move past the civilizational angst that divides people tramples upon their aspirations for a better future. Which other country can boast of more than 200 nationalities living in harmony? Tolerance and respect of individual rights have made this country a powerhouse of soft power.

For the UAE, this is about peace on its terms while breaking out of what has been a conservative and traditional approach. It has become the protagonist, the lead actor who carries the weight of the script on its strong shoulders. Israel on the other hand has emerged from decades of isolation in the Middle East and has the chance to become part of the main cast. It has moved centrestage from decades in the shadows.

The United States that is often been cast as a villain in the region by various parties now bags the supporting actor honours. And Bahrain, the latest to join the cast, is all set to grow into the role as an influential player.

The US expects new members to be added cast, which will make the script for peace stronger. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a long and lasting relationship.



Allan Jacob

A news junkie with an abiding interest in foreign affairs. I’m a keen follower and learner of the media and how it will pan out in the future when the common man and woman will themselves be journalists and not just sources of information. Lead a team of bright journalists who are driving the change and have their feet on the ground.

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