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‘Shortcuts’ blamed for rise in UAE coronavirus cases – News

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The UAE recorded over 1,100 cases on the trot from Wednesday, with the steepest rise on Friday.

Doctors on Friday reiterated the ‘three Ws’ of Covid-19 safety, as the UAE recorded its highest daily cases for the third day in a row. Wear your mask properly, wash your hands and watch that distance, the medics pleaded as they warned against ‘shortcuts’ in following these three golden rules.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (Mohap) reported 1,181 new cases of Covid-19 on Friday, along with 1,168 recoveries. This brings the total number of cases in the country to 96,529 and recoveries to 86,071. Three deaths were also announced.

The UAE recorded over 1,100 cases on the trot from Wednesday, with the steepest rise on Friday.

Dr Ravi Arora, internal medicine specialist at NMC Specialty Hospital Abu Dhabi, said the rising numbers could mean people have been lax in taking precautions.

“Shortcuts and cutting corners in terms of following the safety guidelines are most likely the reason behind the surge. The only way to contain this virus is by following the three Ws: wear the mask properly, wash your hands and watch the distance. Laxity in any of the three will cause the virus to spread,” Dr Arora said.

Dr Jean Marc Gauer, CEO of RAK Hospital, believes several people are becoming less careful as they adapt to the new normal.

“In my opinion, the main reason behind the surge in the cases is the behavioural aspect of the public. As people seem to have gotten used to the situation, they have let their guard down, underestimating the seriousness of the situation,” he said.

As the weather gets colder and the flu season is on its way, Dr Gauer urged everyone to get a flu vaccine. “It should be taken by all and not only high-risk individuals. We all need to protect ourselves from other infections and not let any disease pull our immunity down, as that would make one more susceptible to Covid.”

‘Less severe cases’

Though the number of virus cases has gone up, doctors said the severity of the infection seemed to have gone down compared to the initial phase when the virus struck.

Dr Adel Al Sisi, CMO and intensive care consultant with Prime Hospital, said: “In fact, the number of cases admitted in hospitals and critical care have gone down considerably. Most of the people who tested positive are practising home isolation and do not require hospitalisation, which is a good sign.”

Dr Gauer agreed, saying that “this may hint at a genetic shift in the features of the virus, which may be making it less aggressive. This is a typical behaviour of viruses as they mutate”. Dr Al Sisi added that complications have also gone down because hospitals are now better equipped to handle Covid cases.

Another welcome change in the time of the pandemic is the healthier lifestyles people are adopting.

Dr Arora said: “Although the numbers are higher, the death rate has gone down and I personally feel that this is because people have adopted a healthy lifestyle in the last six months. A lot of people have quit smoking and started consuming more fruits and vegetables to build their immunity because they do not want to fall prey to Covid. This is a welcome change.”


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