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Settlement / Indemnity for a Nurse working in MOH

I am working as staff nurse with MOH Kuwait. I joined in 1998 with MOH and resigned in 2005 after completing 7 years. My salary was KD 300 at that time of resignation. I received my full settlement at the time of resignation and went to home country for good.

I came back again in 2009 and joined as staff nurse with MOH again. Before joining, MOH asked me to pay back the full settlement what I received at the time of my resignation in 2005. I paid the full amount what I received to Central Bank of Kuwait. Now my salary is KD 625 per month. Will I get full benefit if I resign now at the rate of KD 625 per month for my total service of 17 years (old service 7 years + new service 10 years). Kindly awaiting for your valuable advice in this regard.

Name withheld

Answer: End of service settlement is calculated on the last salary earned prior to resignation, as you were made to pay back the full settlement earned during your first resignation, if you resign again now, your settlement will be calculated at the rate of KD 625 per month for a total service period of 17 years

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