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Home » Revealed: Why people believe in Friday the 13th superstition – News

Revealed: Why people believe in Friday the 13th superstition – News

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Friday the 13th is thought to bring out bad luck.

The number 13 is considered inauspicious and is thought to bring bad luck. When it is coupled with Friday, the superstitious lot assume that something terrible will occur.

According to the Independent, the sinister date will keep people on tenterhooks considering the current doom-and-gloom atmosphere due to the Covid-19 outbreak that has spread to almost all countries.

While according to CNN, 25 per cent of people in the US consider themselves superstitious. This explains why many buildings do not have a 13th floor and prefer to label it 14, 14A 12B or M on elevator button panels. While one survey indicated that 13 per cent of people did not want to stay on the 13th floor of a hotel and 9 per cent asked for a different room.

Not only this, even airlines such as Air France and Lufthansa do not have a 13th row because of the taboo attached to the unlucky number. In fact, Lufthansa also has no 17th row as in some countries such as Italy and Brazil, the typical unlucky number is 17.

However, psychologists stated that superstitions trigger from the assumption that a connection exists between co-occurring, non-related events. For many people, believing in superstitions provides a sense of control and reduces anxiety and that’s why levels of superstition increase at times of stress and angst.

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