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Home » Parents free to switch learning modes for kids, say Dubai schools – News

Parents free to switch learning modes for kids, say Dubai schools – News

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The school may decide on a case-by-case basis, depending on its capacity and plans: KHDA

After observing students’ first week in the new-normal school year, parents are seeking assurance that they would be able to seamlessly switch learning models for their children in the middle of the term.

Those who have sent their kids back to campuses, in particular, are closely monitoring the pandemic situation. And with new Covid-19 cases still recorded, some said they might change their mind along the way. Last Wednesday, the country reported 735 new cases, its highest daily count in 99 days.

Considering this dilemma, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) recently advised parents to contact their child’s school if they wish to request a change in their preferred mode of learning.

On their updated ‘safetyatschools’ page, the KHDA said: “The school may decide on a case-by-case basis, depending on its capacity and plans.”

‘Requests will be accepted’

While institutions may have different rules on such changes, a number of school heads assured that parents wouldn’t have a hard time requesting changes on their kids’ learning mode.

“Good schools will deal with each request in a sensitive and timely manner and make arrangements for this change; at our school we will make this change occur within one to two working days of receiving such a request,” said David Cook, headmaster at Repton Dubai.

Other school leaders said the shift from face-to-face learning to virtual classes and vice-versa can be arranged within two weeks.

Sangita Chima, principal of Amity School Dubai, said: “Parents have been given the flexibility to alternate between distance learning and classroom learning anytime during the school term, based on comfort and preferences.

“Parents that want to start sending their children back to school would need to give the school one to two weeks’ notice to ensure that arrangements are made. With the option to effortlessly switch between the two modes of learning, we are encouraging our parent community to try face-to-face learning before opting for distance education.”

Another principal said they are also well prepared for such a scenario. “Since all plans have been made based on the confirmations of the parents interest in choosing the mode of learning, requests for change will be accommodated by giving a notice of two weeks so that the necessary arrangements can be made to welcome the child,” said Deepika Thapar Singh, CEO-principal of Credence High School.


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