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New Zealand vs England live score over Final ODI 46 50 updates

The target is not a big one and you would expect England to chase this down. New Zealand though defending something similar in their Semi Finals. If their bowlers get it right on this wicket, it could be a tricky chase. Who will win the World Cup? Join us in a while to find out.

Liam Plunkett says it is nice to be part of this occasion. States they bowled well, it is a good pitch and he feels he bowled some tight lines and have done well to restrict New Zealand. Informs he tried to smash the pitch with his variations. Further adds he uses the cross-seam a lot and he has worked on it. Ends by saying he is hoping to chase this target down.

The English bowlers were spot on today! Yes, you can say that they were not that great from overs 11 to 20 but sparing that, they were exceptional. Liam Plunkett was the star as he provided vital breakthroughs and finished with a three fer. Chris Woakes had another excellent day at the office. Archer was exceptional in the death. Rashid and Wood kept it tight. Liam Plunkett is up for an interview now.

Another excellent bowling performance by England! They will be extremely pleased with where they are at the moment. After winning the toss and electing to bat, Guptill came out with a positive approach. He though did not last for long. Kane Williamson and Henry Nicholls, who scored a half ton, did steady the ship with a very good stand but once the skipper fell, New Zealand kept losing wickets at regular intervals. Also, the new batters who came in found it very difficult to time the ball. None of them got going. Latham did hold one end up but just could not give the finishing touch to the innings. Overall, not a batting performance which will please New Zealand.

49.6 overs (0 Run)
A dot off the last ball! Interestingly, Santner ducks under it. It is short and on the body. MS evades it. He then wants a run and sets off but then is sent back. Just the three runs in the last over. NEW ZEALAND FINISH WITH 241/8!

49.5 overs (1 Run)
A single so Santner will face the last ball! Full and on off, Boult hits it towards mid off for one.

49.4 overs (0 Run)
Boult moves around his crease to disturb the length of the bowler. Archer goes full and attacks the stumps. Boult jams it back to the bowler.

Next batsman in is Trent Boult.

49.3 overs (0 Run)
OUT! Knocked him over! Henry has been bowled off a full toss. Henry may not be ready for it. It is on off at 147 KPH. Henry swings but misses to see the furniture behind get disturbed. So just a boundary for Henry. Archer gets his 1st, his 20th in the World Cup.

49.3 overs (1 Run)
WIDE! Way too short and on middle, Henry looks to pull but misses.

49.2 overs (1 Run)
Santner makes room and Archer bowls it full. Santner hits it towards cover and takes off. The fielder has a shy at the non-striker’s end but misses. Santner did dive in but seems to have hurt himself. He is fine though.

49.1 overs (0 Run)
Santner shuffles right across and Archer bowls it on a length and on the leg stump. MS misses the flick.

48.6 overs (4 Runs)
FOUR! Henry comes out and hits it first ball for a much-needed boundary. He had no problems against the slower one. He waits for it and then whacks it over the mid-wicket fielder and into the fence. A huge over this, 13 from it. 12 needed now for 250.
NZ vs ENG: Final: Matt Henry hits Chris Woakes for a 4! New Zealand 238/7 (49.0 Ov). CRR: 4.85

48.5 overs (1 Run)
A single now! Fuller and on off, this is hit towards mid off for one.

48.4 overs (0 Run)
Nothing on the Free Hit! Another slower one outside off, Santner looks to go big but misses.

48.4 overs (1 Run)
NO BALL! That has slipped out of the hand! A high full toss. Santner looks to pull but the ball hits the higher portion of the bat. Free Hit coming up.

The next batsman in is Matt Henry. New Zealand crumbling here at the death.

48.3 overs (0 Run)
OUT! Another soft dismissal! No fifty for Latham. A slower full toss outside off, Latham looks to loft it over mid off but is early in the shot. It goes off the toe end straight to mid off where Vince, the sub, takes another catch. Can England now bowl New Zealand out? They are into the bowling all-rounders.
NZ vs ENG: Final: WICKET! Tom Latham c sub b Chris Woakes 47 (56b, 2x4, 1x6). न्यूजीलैंड 232/7 (48.3 Ov). CRR: 4.78

48.3 overs (5 Runs)
FIVE WIDES! Bonus, bonus runs for New Zealand. This goes completely wrong. Woakes tries a slower bumper but it is down the leg side. Latham lets it be. It bounces in front of Buttler and then spins away. No chance for him and it races to the third man fence.

48.2 overs (1 Run)
Shortish and on middle, Satner pulls it through mid-wicket for one.

48.1 overs (1 Run)
NOT OUT! The picthing is indeed the issue! It is outside leg. England lose their only review. Latham shuffles right across and Woakes bowls it on a length. Latham looks to play his favourite pick-up shot but misses to get hit on the pads. The bowler is appealing as the ball rolls on the leg side. The batters hesitate but then go for a run. There is a run out chance but Woakes misses his shy at the non-striker’s end. Woakes reviews and replays show that the on-field call is the right one.

England review! An appeal for an LBW has been turned down. Latham is the man in question. The pitching seems to be an issue.

47.6 overs (1 Run)
Another slower short ball on middle, Latham pulls it behind square on the leg side for one. Another brilliant over from Archer. 25 needed in the last 2 to get to 250.

47.5 overs (1 Run)
One more low full toss on off, Santner pushes it to mid off and gets to the other end.

47.4 overs (1 Run)
Even the full toss can’t be made use of. This is outside off. Latham mistimes it towards covers for one.

47.3 overs (0 Run)
Another sharp bouncer and Latham ducks under it. A dot is gold dust at this stage.

47.2 overs (1 Run)
Shorter and on off, Santner guides it towards point for one.

47.1 overs (1 Run)
On the pads, this is worked towards backward square leg for one.

46.6 overs (1 Run)
On the pads again, Latham works it through mid-wicket and takes one.

Mitchell Santner is the next batsman in.

46.5 overs (0 Run)
OUT! In the air… taken! Colin de Grandhomme’s struggle comes to an end. He just never timed the ball that well and now departs. The slower one gets the better of him. It is on middle. Colin looks to whip it on the leg side but closes the face of the bat very early. A leading edge is induced which lobs to mid off where Vince, the sub, takes an easy catch.
NZ vs ENG: Final: WICKET! Colin de Grandhomme c sub b Chris Woakes 16 (28b, 0x4, 0x6). न्यूजीलैंड 219/6 (46.5 Ov). CRR: 4.67

46.4 overs (1 Run)
No timing at all! Another slower one outside off, Latham looks to drag it on the leg side but it goes off the bottom part through mid-wicket for one.

46.3 overs (1 Run)
One more single! This is on off, Colin looks to work it on the leg side but gets a soft leading edge to point for one.

46.2 overs (2 Runs)
One more slower one on middle, de Grandhomme waits for it and works it behind square on the leg side for two.

46.1 overs (1 Run)
Slower ball outside off, Latham hits it towards mid off for one.

Chris Woakes is back into the attack now.

45.6 overs (0 Run)
Three dots in a row! This is surely frustrating de Grandhomme. A slower bumper now, Colin tries to pull but is done in by the pace. Just the three from the 46th. That is outstanding stuff.

45.5 overs (0 Run)
Another dot! This is fuller and on middle, de Grandhomme smashes but can’t get past mid on.

45.4 overs (0 Run)
Safe! Colin de Grandhomme is just not looking comfortable out there. This is short and on the body. Colin looks to pull but is hurried into the stroke. It hits his glove first, then the back of the bat and lobs short of the keeper. Dot.

45.3 overs (1 Run)
Another good slower one on middle, Latham works it through mid-wicket and takes one. Singles won’t bother England.

45.2 overs (1 Run)
Archer goes for a yorker now but ends up bowling a low full toss. De Grandhomme works it through mid-wicket for one.

45.1 overs (1 Run)
On middle, Latham pulls it through mid-wicket for one.

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