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MP proposes stiff fines for wearing pajamas in public

KUWAIT: MP Majed Mousa Al-Mutairi yesterday submitted a draft law for safeguarding law and order by proposing to ban wearing pajamas (pyjamas) in public along with a string of other measures, or risk a fine of between KD 500 and KD 1,000. The lawmaker asked that the bill, which prohibits a large number of behaviors and practices, be given urgency in debate at the concerned committee and then in the National Assembly.

Among other things, the bill bans uttering abusive, vulgar or racist words in public. It also outlaws wearing clothes with images, portraits or remarks that are abusive to public order and morals. The bill cannot be debated in the Assembly unless the legal and legislative committee says it is in line with the constitution, a difficult proposition since personal freedom is protected by the Kuwaiti constitution.

The bill also bans people from appearing in public in underwear or sleeping pajamas, or playing loud music that could disturb the public. It prohibits writing or drawing on walls in public places a prior approval of authorities or using children and women in activities that pose a danger to them or scare them. The bill also bans taking pictures of others without their consent in order to make fun of them, besides not respecting queues in public places or for obtaining services.

It bans spitting in public places, throwing trash or cigarettes from cars and placing advertisement posters on walls of private homes without seeking prior permission. The bill proposes a fine of between KD 500 and KD 1,000 for violators. The lawmaker said he submitted the draft law seeking to protect Kuwaiti values, morals and traditions and also safeguard public order after he noticed that strange behaviors and practices have been on the rise.

By B Izzak

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