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Home » Motorists use t-shirts to avoid strict seatbelt laws – News

Motorists use t-shirts to avoid strict seatbelt laws – News

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It has a seatbelt design printed on it.

Police in Spain have tweeted out against a new fad of wearing t-shirts emblazoned with a seatbelt design to avoid fines.

The Spanish Civil Guard tweeted: “If they don’t catch you with your anti-fine t-shirt you might avoid getting a ticket but will it save your life in an accident? The real seat belt has saved many lives.”

According to The Times, the shirts show either a belt or a simple diagonal line across the chest and are sold for around 10 euros. The fine for not buckling up is around 200 euros.

A blurb on one of the websites that sell these shirts reads “The fake seat belt shirt won’t protect your life but it’ll keep the fuzz from issuing you a ticket.”

Many angry motorists have responded to the trend, saying that those wearing such shirts should be fined. Nearly a quarter of drivers killed in accidents were not wearing seatbelts, according to the Civil Guard.

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