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Modern Etiquette: Discover the power of voice modulation – News

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Having a charming voice with depth and resonance seems like a gift from above. Actually, it’s quite possible to develop that particular charismatic voice that sounds so irresistible. And that’s what a lot of theatre actors and TV personalities do.

Voice modulation is a powerful tool that you can use to deliver a speech effectively or just communicate an idea to someone. Have you noticed how it’s almost hypnotic when you speak to a person with a deep charismatic voice? Not only does it reflect confidence but it also helps you convince people about your beliefs or ideas. Therefore, to master the art of communication one must consider the art of voice modulation.

Here are some ways to practise at home for a voice that is rich in charm and authoritativeness.

1. Analyse your voice: Speak to a recording device or use your smartphone to record a voice note. Then analyse your voice. Ask yourself what you don’t like about your voice as well as what kind of voice you would like to have? Give your voice recording marks on relevance, confidence, lack of stuttering, clarity, speed and resonance.

2. Mind your posture: Posture plays a very important role in having a resonant voice. Stand straight for a deep, powerful voice. Slouchy body language easily destroys the resonance in your voice. That’s why working out and having strong muscles would add to having a deeper voice. Also, be aware of tiredness. A tired body will lead to high pitch resonance.

3. Pay attention to your modulation: Initiate a conversation. Talk to people. Talk to yourself. Use your voice as much as possible. Listen to your own voice and identify the differences in volume. Read out a piece of poetry with modulation and emotion to understand volume differences. Record yourself every day. Reading a storybook to a child can help with this exercise.

4. Breathe: Breathing exercises can help you develop stronger lungs. Do a 2-8-4 followed by a 4-16-8 exercise every morning. Breath in for two seconds, hold your breath for eight seconds and breathe out for four seconds. Repeat the same but double the timings and do 4-16-8 after you think you can hold your breath for longer. You may feel dizzy the first few times, but afterwards, you will be fine.

5. Use your diaphragm: Diaphragm magic is the key for having a deep, resonant voice. Always take a diaphragmatic breath and talk in low resonance with depth and dignity in your voice. Do not shout. That will tear the vocal chord or hurt it, which will make your voice high-pitched and horsey. Keep your vocal chords hydrated by sipping warm water and avoid cold sparkling water with any fizz. Always inhale through your nose, never through your mouth.

I hope these simple tips help you to develop a charming and resonant voice. Till next week, #beextraordinary.


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