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Home » Man punches his wife in Dubai hotel room, breaks her nose – News

Man punches his wife in Dubai hotel room, breaks her nose – News

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He grabbed her neck with both his hands, and then slammed the door on her foot.

A man has been charged at the Dubai Court of First Instance with assaulting his wife and causing her a permanent injury.

Dubai public prosecution records show that on August 23, 2018, the 29-year-old Emirati man became very aggressive with his wife, beat her up and left her with injuries which include difficulty in moving her right foot and a broken nose.

He was charged with assault, causing permanent bodily harm and damage of private property.

The damage he caused to the hotel room where the assault took place was put at Dh10,890.

The incident was reported at Al Barsha police station.

The wife, a 23-year-old, said the incident happened on August 23, 2018, when she was with her husband and their two children at a hotel in Dubai. “My husband suddenly became hysterical and suspicious of all what I do. He thought I was spying on him.”

She recounted to the investigator how her husband punched her in the head, and strangled her with both his hands. “As I tried to run out of the room, he followed me and slammed the door on my right foot repeatedly. I was down on the floor when he punched me on my nose.”

Some guests and security guards came rushing after hearing the noise. The police then arrived and she was taken to a hospital.

The defendant admitted to assaulting his wife during the police interrogation and public prosecution investigation.

The wife had to be examined three times by the medical examiner before a final forensic report could be done.

She was left with a difficulty in moving her right foot and a nose injury. Both injuries are estimated to be permanent.

The defendant will be sentenced on February 20.


Marie Nammour

Originally from Lebanon, Marie has been covering the Dubai Courts and the Public Prosecution, immigration and labour issues often, and the Dubai International Film Festival. A graduate from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Jounieh, a city to the north of Beirut, she worked as an in-house reporter of international affairs at a leading TV station back home and a legal translator for a renowned law academy in the Lebanese capital. Speaks fluently four languages and is fond of travelling, psychology, learning more, and has grown by now a rich ‘criminal’ imagination…

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