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Home » Man in UAE left impotent after accident gets Dh1m compensation – News

Man in UAE left impotent after accident gets Dh1m compensation – News

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He had sought Dh10 million in compensation for the moral, physical and material damages he suffered a result of the accident.

A young man has been awarded Dh1 million as compensation after he was left impotent and had his left leg amputated following a boat crash.

The Abu Dhabi Civil Court of First Instance ordered the boat’s captain, who rammed the vessel into the man’s jet ski, and the boat insurance firm, to compensate the victim for the moral, physical and material damages he suffered as a result of the accident.

Official court documents stated that the man, in his 20s, was jet skiing near one of the beaches in Abu Dhabi when the boat accidentally hit him.

The collision caused him serious injuries and multiple fractures to various parts of his body, leaving him impotent and leading to amputation of his left leg.

The Criminal Court of First Instance had found the boat’s captain guilty of causing the accident due to speeding and recklessness. The court sentenced the captain to two months in jail and fined him Dh5,000.

The young man through his lawyer then filed a civil lawsuit against the captain and his insurance firm demanding Dh10 million as compensation.

A medical report said the man suffered a traumatic injury to the pelvis and a dislocated fracture of the pubic bone. The man also suffered a severe trauma to his left leg and fractures in the thigh. He underwent an operation wherein a metal skewer was placed inside the thigh bone, it added.

The report confirmed that the man’s left leg was amputated from below the knee joint, which constitutes a permanent disability, estimated to be 100 per cent.

The injuries to the pelvic bones had caused him chronic back pain and affected his ability to bend properly or sit for a long time, which constitutes a 50 per cent permanent disability, said medics. They added that the man also suffered 100 per cent impotence.

After hearing from all parties, the court decided that the insurance company and the boat captain jointly pay Dh1 million to the young man as compensation for the damages he suffered. They were also obliged to pay the legal fees.



Ismail Sebugwaawo

A professional journalist originating from Kampala, Uganda, Ismail is a happy father with strong attachment to family and great values for humanity. He has practiced journalism in UAE for the past 13 years, covering the country’s parliament (FNC) and crimes, including Abu Dhabi Police, public prosecution and courts. He also reports about important issues in education, public health and the environment, with a keen interest in human interest stories. When out of reporting duties, he serves the Ugandan community in Abu Dhabi as he wants to see his countrymen happy. Exercising and reading are part of his free time.

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