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'Lion King' director Jon Favreau explains how they used VR to make the movie

If there’s one thing everyone who’s seen The Lion King remake seems to agree on, it’s that the visuals are stunning.

But how did director Jon Favreau and his team go about creating such an impressively realistic world for the Disney film?

Well, it started with research and photos in Africa, so they could ensure they were getting the details right. Then, the scenes were built through CGI, before eventually being turned into a virtual reality experience.

“We took all of those digital files, brought them into VR, and created this multi-player VR film-making game,” Favreau tells Jimmy Kimmel in the clip above. “All the crew put on headsets and they were able to walk around and look around the Pride Lands and watch the animated performances, and set cameras inside VR.

“So it felt like we were making a live action film inside virtual reality.”

The mind truly boggles.


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