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Production Manager

General Job Description: To supervise, orient and ensure the correctness of the procedures followed in the production. Forecasting, estimate capacity, manage products, service and inventory. Direct the material planning and scheduling, supervise, and train staff on quality assurance. Role:

  • Concerns with Scheduling, Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Motivating, Controlling, Performance standard, Work methods, Quality control, Material handling.
  • In absence of Engineering Department, production manager will manage all engineering activities around the plant.
  • Establishes and implement turnaround and accuracy standard.
  • Train new department supervisors, and assists with any technical problems.
  • Prepares and submits reports to the General Manager.
  • Design an Operating Decisions Such as forecasting: Set up production, yearly / monthly / weekly / daily.
  • Production & service: Meet the require product specification and quality and production services as need it.
  • Inventory management: Control and supervise inventory transaction for work in project.
  • Material Planning: Coordinate with purchasing department for material panning ( GIT ).
  • Scheduling: Direct and supervises production system schedule.
  • Quality assurance: Supervise quality assurance and training of staff.


  • The Production Manager’s Responsibility in Planning & Organizing
  • Establish goals and objectives.
  • Plan human resources for production operations.
  • Plan material resources, such as facilities, equipment, and supplies.
  • Plan time resources for workers, and supervisors.
  • Coordinate with purchasing dept. for material planning and


  • Managing Safety at the Plant:
  • Implementing company safety policy.
  • Analyze, Investigate, and Report causes of accidents.
  • Developing safety awareness.
  • Observing and Inspecting.
  • Interacting with the human resources department. .
  • Forecasting work-force requirements.
  • Designing job descriptions, and specifications.
  • Screening applicants, Interviewing, and Selecting.

Training: Moving production staff to productive status. Identifying training needs for new systems, equipment, and processes. Train Salespeople on products specifications. The Production Manager’s Responsibility in Motivating: Maintain a motivational climate at the plant. Maintain positive employee’s attitudes and high morale. Controlling: Setting standards. Observing and Measuring Performance. Comparing Results to Plan. Taking Corrective Action. Cost Control: Setting costing standards. Cooperate with finance Department to Fix a Standard cost and Variable Cost.

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