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Manager – Nutrition – Kuwait City

I. Major Functions
•Organize, Manage and analyze KDD’s nutrition and health initiatives
•Conduct Research and analysis on various trends and development regarding nutrition and health
•Work with Product Development team and contribute to developing new Products which are in sync with KDD’s vison to provide wholesome goodness initiatives
•Advise staff on various nutritional benefits and ensure the consumer is aware of KDD’s vison on providing nutritional products
•Visit schools / institutes/ malls and interact with everyone to share our best practices and vison on nutrition optimal consumer communication of health and nutrition benefits.
•Work closely with regional Regulatory authorities to maintain the highest standards of nutrition and hygiene for KDD, identify opportunities and come across as a credible partner to key stakeholders
II. Basic Duties & Responsibilities [Time Spent%: 100]
•Main Responsibilities [Time Spent%: 100]
•Nutritional Awareness and education: [Time Spent%: 20]
Creating, delivering and evaluating a range of nutrition and health awareness programs
Comprehend and advise on International best practice in health & nutrition to arrive at a right decision on product development
•Nutritional deficiencies and opportunities: [Time Spent%: 20]
Data gathering by obtaining information from all relevant sources with market research team on nutritional deficiencies by country/ age group.
Analyzing Data by identifying the underlying reasons, and facts of information
Reviewing literature and undertaking market research and product surveys
Communicate research findings to the team on nutrition and health priorities
•Strategic Functions Responsibilities [Time Spent%: 10]
Comprehension on regulatory compliance on nutrition and health
Involvement in the industry committees to improve nutrition regulations
Advising on nutrition labeling compliance with food standards and other local international laws
Advising of food safety/toxicology
Propose nutrition strategies that could be feasibly supported by nutritional science (e.g. sugar/ fat / natural ingredients etc.)
•New Product Development Projects Responsibilities : [Time Spent%: 10]
Supporting new product development and reformulations.
Assist in designing all NPD recipes & product claims on health and nutrition.
Recommend special NPD projects focused specifically on health and nutrition.
•Consumer communication on health and nutrition Benefits Responsibilities : [Time Spent%: 10]
Conduct market survey to understand the consumer expectations
Advise on consumer trends
Addressing consumer enquires
•Portfolio tracking and migration Responsibilities: [Time Spent%: 10]
Monitor the KPI for each product on health and nutrition aspects.
Define a plan for portfolio migration.
Prepare a transition roadmap with specified timelines.
Define the additional requirements for Nutrition focused products.
•Influence policy makers to [Time Spent%: 10]
Collaborate with researchers to create new innovative products and processes.
Launch products that are nutritionally improved or added health benefits.
Creating new policies on health and nutrition
Raise awareness on nutrition in health.
•Leveraging nutrition in KDD’s brand building Responsibilities [Time Spent%: 10]
Assist Marketing team defining to what extent health and nutrition is a differentiating and positioning factor for KDD mother brand
Preparing nutritional marketing material for in-house and for public use.
III. Minimum Requirements At Joining:•Education:Master’s degree in a relevant discipline (Human Nutrition) or Natural science qualifications at University level.
•Work Experience:8-10 years of experience with nutrition in the food industry within Dairy products or Juices/ foods
Expertise level on Nutrition issues and Nutrition research
•Languages:Strong verbal and written communication skills in English Language. Knowledge of Arabic will be an advantage
•Specialized Experience (In Years)
•Education Level
•Relevant Experience (In Years)
•Specialized Experience:8 years Expertise level on Nutrition issues.
IV. Competencies [Weight %: 100]
•Project Management Skills [Weight%: 30]
•Result Oriented [Weight%: 25]
•Motivation [Weight%: 25]
•Communicate [Weight%: 10]
•Team Player [Weight%: 10]
V. Key Performance Indicators
•Quality assurance
•Market research
•Nutrition research
•Interdepartmental relations
VI. Supervision:Supervised By: Marketing Manager
Supervision : N/A
DH to define the below
VII. Career Path: Minimum Achievement Prior To Consideration For Upper Vacant Position
•Average Performance Review
•Training Required:Food Hygiene / GMP / Food Safety Certification
HACCP Training
ISO Lead Auditor Certificate.
6 Months of full involvement
•On Job Training
Checks & balances versus standard, safety & security responsible, time management and discipline
•Years In Position
•Skills:Organized and systematic
Competent in Computer skills
Must have excellent project management skills
Certification in any of the relevant domains

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