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Estimation Engineer – PL & FF at GULF ENGINEERING COMPANY – Al Farawaniyah

GENERAL SUMMARY:Collect and analyze all relevant tendering data and execute all associated activities related to estimation & preparation of tenders / offers for Plumbing and Firefighting projects in coordination with other services.TYPICAL WORK ACTIVITIES:1. Coordinate with the Estimation Manager in preparing tender evaluation and analysis to Bid / No Bid for projects related to involving plumbing and firefighting systems.2. Collect information to conduct market analysis to support decision in Bid / No Bid.3. Attend pretender meetings or site visits, if required.4. Study all documents such as, drawings, BOQ, specifications, addendum’s, clarifications, minutes of meetings, etc.5. Obtain clarifications to remove any ambiguity in tender documents.6. Float inquiries to all specified as well as non-specified suppliers providing all necessary data.7. Analyze technical compliance and price data received from the suppliers/subcontractors, with the ability to generate comparative statement as part of the cost analysis.8. Tabulate specifications for various applications of variable quantities such as piping, insulation, protection, sanitary fixtures, and sprinklers etc. of the plumbing and firefighting systems for the specific project.9. Take off quantities from drawings for each application as per its specification.10. Estimate overall cost complying with plumbing and firefighting specifications, drawings, details, notes, addendums, query clarifications, BOQ, terms and conditions, etc. in coordination with other services.11. Assist plumbing and firefighting systems estimation in identifying deviations in scope, options, provisions, exclusions, etc. and preparation of BOQ.12. Revise cost, if appropriate; depending on prices achieved on previously executed projects.13. Revise cost, if appropriate; taking into considerations, the lessons learnt on previously executed projects.14. Prepare risk analysis in estimation of the plumbing and firefighting systems such as currency fluctuation, material price escalation, etc.15. Participate in and contribute to Value Engineering studies.16. Support development of estimating policies, standards and procedures.17. Update and maintain historical cost data and databases of the plumbing and firefighting projects.

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