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Jimmy Fallon has blessed us with the #DadQuotes trend and we're hysterical

Father’s Day is right around the corner, (June 21 if you’ve missed the memo,) and what better way to celebrate than with some of our favourite guys’ best lines.

Thanks to late night host, Jimmy Fallon, the Twitterverse has blown up with some absolute corkers that our dad’s have come out with. And, however embarrassing, we frankly cannot get enough.

Laugh it up folks, you’re glaring into your futures!

1. This dad who can’t quite put his finger on the anatomy

2. This dad who couldn’t CD point of a disk player

3. This dad who might be called Doug

4. This dad who is never just “fine”

5. This dad who is probably the only person who isn’t lying when the dentist asks him if he flosses

6. This dad who is more punctual than he is tech-savvy

7. This dad who has unlocked parenting lvl. infinity

8. This dad who has an astronomical sense of humour

9. This dad who wouldn’t let the sun go down on GM

10. This dad who has a keen sense of smell

11. This dad who has a grave sense of humour

Ah, dads. Just the gifts that keep on giving!

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