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Ironically … Nasrallah preaches fidelity and patriotism

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

I BELIEVE the Lebanese, who are
protesting against their regime, are saying, “If an incomplete person vilifies
me, that’s testimony enough that I am complete”, after listening to Hassan
Nasrallah’s speech yesterday.

He assailed the protesters in an
unprecedented and absurd manner, claiming that they were operating in
accordance with agendas of embassies that are paying them. He is willfully
forgetting that he is being paid by Tehran, as he repeatedly says and boasts on
every occasion about getting funds and weapons from Iran in order to execute
its agendas in Lebanon and the region as a whole.

He proudly characterizes himself
to be “a Soldier of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei” who described him in his
recent speech as “Hussein of this era”. If Hussein bin Ali (may Allah be
pleased with him) were to return today and witness this little agent hiding in
the basement and imposing his control on a country like Lebanon, rendering
himself as the mentor of his republic, he would be the first to punish him,
indeed punish him.

Nasrallah errs in his attempt to
demonize the beautiful, elegant and peaceful uprising to its core. The scene of
protesters telling the soldiers that they will not open the way, and if they
decide to step on them, they will kiss their boots, is enough to refute his
demonizing attempt.

scene renders the soldiers to withdraw. It also affirms that the protesters did
not come to the streets for anything other than to rescue their country. This
is exactly what this soldier realizes because he is one of those starving
impoverished Lebanese who have been enduring throughout three decades the
authority which they consider as crooked authority; hence, “all means all”
without exception.

Undoubtedly, Nasrallah has read
the saying of Imam Hussein (May Allah be pleased with him), “I have taken this
stand not out of arrogance or pride, not out of mischief or injustice. I have
risen to seek reform in the community of my grandfather. I would like to bid
good, forbid evil …” and perhaps he might have repeated it several times in
vigils to mourn the death of Hussein (May Allah be pleased with him).

However, despite all that, he did
not realize that about two and a half million Lebanese people protesting for
ten days at Liberation “Tahrir” Square, are doing so against the injustice they
have been enduring from the authority, which Nasrallah himself considered to be
against the poor, but he indulged in it to an extent of being part of it and
even defending it, lest the day of reckoning comes and his weapon becomes the
first thing that people will demand to be eliminated as soon as they get rid of
this authority.

When Nasrallah claims that this
protest movement is being funded by embassies and parties which rode the wave,
and that Lebanon is being targeted politically, he should definitely look at
himself in the mirror, as well as at his militia group that destroyed Lebanon.

He shouldn’t regurgitate slogans
of the 1950s which have expired. Those slogans were used by Jamal Abdul-Nasser
to accuse the opposition by terming them as “retrogressive and imperialist”. He
accused them of working to abort the Egyptian revolution, and later it was
discovered that the power force that was produced by Nasser’s regime was the
one that

crippled the Egyptian economy and
rendered it completely incapacitated.

It practiced oppression on the
people and silenced them in order to prevent them from discovering its
scandals. Thus, Nasrallah’s claims resemble those of yesterday’s dictators, and
worst of all, such claims only attract sedition.

We in the Arab world follow daily
the Lebanese television channels that broadcast the voice of people. We have
not seen anyone talking about anything except poverty, starvation,
unemployment, education and services, and returning the looted wealth.

The response of Nasrallah and his
gang is an attempt to muffle and suppress people through scores of crooks.
However, his attempt was frustrated in the same way his illusions to keep
Lebanon serving non-Lebanese interests failed.

Therefore, the flame of
demonstration has intensified and the Lebanese have become more united with
their revolutionary slogan “All means all … Nasrallah is one of them”.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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