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#IAmResponsible: When health and safety became a daily habit – News

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The past few months of the pandemic have given Jijo Joseph a new slant on life: One in which health and safety measures are no longer just a necessity but a habit.

You’ve heard it: Amid Covid-19, we are all responsible. But what does it take to be responsible? Even though the UAE has managed to control the spread of the virus to a large extent, the irresponsible behaviour of a few residents has led to a surge in cases. Through this two-week series, Khaleej Times will feature residents who have adopted a socially distanced lifestyle so that the community stays safe. Take note of best practices so that you, too, could declare #IAmResponsible.

The past few months of the pandemic have given Jijo Joseph a new slant on life: One in which health and safety measures are no longer just a necessity but a habit.

The 37-year-old Abu Dhabi resident made changes to his lifestyle and ensured others follow practices to contain the spread of the virus.

“I have read a lot of media reports on the importance of preventive steps and followed updates on social media platforms by the health authorities. So I know that the first and foremost thing for a person should be his health. You should be fit and develop immunity,” Jijo said.

He started morning walks and, when summer rolled in, he began exercising indoors. He also became that friend and that colleague who would encourage one to get up and get active.

“I understand the need to take extra efforts and be a responsible resident,” he said.

Jijo has completely cut down on outings and get-togethers with friends. “I stay alone as my family is back in India. I used to beat my loneliness through weekly visits and parties with friends and their families. But I haven’t visited anyone since the pandemic started.

“Even if someone drops by at my place, I maintain social distancing and never handle babies and children. When out for shopping, I keep masks and gloves handy to offer any person.”


Jijo works as the assistant manager of The Boundary – a bustling restaurant at the Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium, one which awaits the star players of the much-awaited Indian Premier League. And at his workplace, safety habits and precautionary measures are also followed to the letter.

“All the staff are tested for Covid-19 every week and precautionary measures taken. So, we are all hale and hearty,” he said.

“At times, I have seen a few customers forget about safe distancing when they meet after days of not seeing each other. They are just overcome with emotions. But in my jovial style, I do make a pitch for them to follow safety measures.”

Over the past few weeks, Jijo has noticed remarkable changes among his friends, customers and colleagues.

“Everyone has become health conscious and focused on diet. Health and safety are not just buzzwords now. I have embraced a life in a mask and gloves. Let’s spread the word on awareness and not the virus.”


When we are fighting a pandemic, we must stay healthy and ensure that our diet is wholesome, balanced, and nutritious. Boosting our immunity is crucial and having the right food will help. Avoid fatty, fried and processed food. Instead, eat your greens and stick to whole grains and lean protein choices. Use herbs and spices to enhance flavours, plus these can help improve your immunity, too. Adapting healthy cooking methods, like baking, grilling and steaming, is another key. Drink enough water and say no to sugary beverage.




Ashwani Kumar

I am a newspaperman from the emirate of Abu Dhabi. A journalist at heart. I get my stories from the streets. A south Indian born in the Hindi heartland, I easily connect with people from different nationalities and cultures. I am calm like a monk, sensitive and very patient reporter. On the ground, I cover a range of topics related to community, health, embassy, tourism, transport, business and sports. I will go out on a leg to do what’s right and stand by what I believe in.

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