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#IAmResponsible: UAE-based doctor leaves nothing to chance in Covid fight – News

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‘Some people hesitate or find it funny but I make them realise the gravity of the situation’

As a senior anaesthesiologist, fitness enthusiast and father of two, Dr Jamshid Zafar believes caution is the best defence to keep himself and those around him considerably safe from the Covid-19 virus.

Working in a high-risk zone (hospital), Jamshid is aware about his actions – where he stands, how he sits and what he touches. “Our first social responsibility is towards ourselves and to those who live and work with us. Apart from wearing masks, I have now stopped having lunch with colleagues to avoid any chances of spreading the virus. Also, I follow all social distancing protocols without the slightest hesitation. If I enter an elevator that has even one person in it then I make it a point to turn around and face the wall. Some people hesitate or find it funny but I make them realise the gravity of the situation. I usually take the lead in doing such things in public so I can do my bit as a responsible resident,” he said.

“My son Omair is four and my daughter Ayra is one – both come rushing to hug me once I get home. But, I wash my hands and change my clothes before I greet my children. Since children tend to embrace and kiss us, it is important to wash the face thoroughly as some parts stay exposed even after wearing a mask,” added Jamshid.

He also avoids meeting his mother as she is diabetic and in the Covid-vulnerable category. “I have to get tested for Covid-19 every few days as a frontliner and I visit her on the day my test results come negative. We take all precautions when we meet like wearing masks and maintaining social distance.”

Jamshid said that exercising has played a huge role in keeping him stay upbeat and positive. “I was addicted to working out but with the pandemic around, I have stopped going to the gym. I converted a section of my house into a gym and bought a treadmill along with a few other equipment.”

He added: “Exercising plays a great role in diverting your mind from anxiety and depression. It is also a great way to keep your lungs and respiratory system in check. Each time when I exercise and run, I know my lungs are doing fine. Therefore, I have boosted my exercise regime and always taken out time for it.”

Urging people to follow safety protocols, Jamshid said: “We have come this far and done pretty well because we obeyed the safety guidelines laid down by the UAE Government. All we require now is to stay strong and just give a few more months to this discipline and I am hopeful that we will make it through this pandemic.”


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