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How to remain safe when Cyclone Maha impacts UAE – News

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The cyclone will affect the UAE from Monday to Wednesday.

Tropical storm Maha develops to category-1 cyclone, and is expected to cause water surges in the UAE’s east coast, according to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

It will affect the UAE from Monday to Wednesday, the NCM said. The Oman sea was expected to have been rough. “Water surge may affect low land during the period of the high tide over the east coast from Monday to Wednesday,” the authority said.

Here are some guidelines to the public where the NCM predicted water surges during the period of the high tide over the east coast:

Know your way out when storm comes around

> Watch weather changes, listen to weather forecasts and official media if there is any warning

> Ensure the first aid and emergency kits are ready to use in addition to auxiliary lighting means -hand torch or lantern or candles

> Do not allow children to play in outdoor open areas

> Secure external stuff and put valuable things in waterproof containers and close windows

If you are inside the house:

> Disconnect power from home devices to protect them from electrical current passage

> Stay away from glass windows and doors

> Abide by instructions and directions immediately in case you received an evacuation order through media

What to do if you are outside:

> Avoid standing under high standing alone trees, electricity posts and telecommunication posts

> Do not try to walk beside shores or flowing water, valley ducts and dams or pools

> Stay away from flowing water and valley ducts, especially if you were swimming in the sea

> Avoid using mobile phones except in utmost urgent cases

If you are driving:

> Listen to weather forecasts through the radio

> Take caution and care during weather changes occurring suddenly on the road

> Reduce speedĀ  and do not overtake other vehicles

> Maintain safe distance between vehicles

>Park the car off the road in case you had to stop itĀ  completely, and call your family to inform them you are safe

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