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‘Ehsan’ Center takes part in 41st session of Human Rights Council QNA

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Doha: The Center of Elderly Empowerment and Care ‘Ehsan’, member of Qatar Foundation for Social Work, has participated in the 41st Session of the Human Rights Council, particularly in the session of technical cooperation and capacity-building in the field of human rights for older persons.

Ehsan’s working paper focused on the role of civil society organisations in Qatar in issues of human rights for older persons.

The session aimed at facilitating an exchange of views to strengthen technical cooperation and capacity-building activities in support of States’ efforts to promote and protect the human rights of older persons and their independence and to address implementation gaps in national legislation, policies and programs, including those relating to the sustainable development goals (SDG), income security, the promotion of active and healthy aging, the use of assistive technology, access to information and lifelong learning, combating all forms of discrimination against them with particular attention to older women and supporting their full integration into community as well as access to health care services in their communities.

Ehsan Center stressed the importance of the draft resolution on technical coordination and capacity-building of the Human Rights Council, which recognizes that older persons face many challenges in the enjoyment of human rights that need to be urgently addressed, including the prevention of all forms of violence and abuse, as well as the right to social protection and housing, the right to work, equality, non-discrimination, access to justice, education, training, health care, long-term care and palliative care and recognizing that the discrimination faced by older women is often multidimensional, increasing age discrimination from other forms of discrimination, and that technical cooperation and capacity-building through regional and international cooperation can support and strengthen States’ efforts to address these challenges and to promote active and healthy aging.

Ehsan Center said that raising awareness about issues of older persons is often intertwined and is one of the essential aspects of the Center’s work mechanism, using a multi-objective composite mechanism through multiple awareness activities and initiatives.

Ehsan Center also stressed the importance of taking measures to promote and protect the human rights and dignity of older persons.

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