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Home » Drunk expat kills longtime friend in hotel, jailed in Dubai – News

Drunk expat kills longtime friend in hotel, jailed in Dubai – News

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A witness said said the two men had an argument over who would work and do sports better.

An expat has been sentenced to three years in jail by the Dubai Court of First Instance for assaulting a compatriot to death at a hotel room.

The Dubai Public Prosecution accused the 36-year-old Mexican, a sales executive, of punching the victim and causing death. Both were drunk during the assault. The defendant has been detained since the incident was reported at Al Barsha police station. The court also ordered the deportation of the defendant after he served his jail term.

One of the witnesses, a 33-year-old Mexican supervisor, said he worked for an aluminium company with others of the same nationality. They stayed at a hotel in the Dubai Investment Park. “Around 7pm on November 15 last year, I spotted the defendant behaving erratically. He could hardly stand. He was trying to tell the receptionist something in our native language. He did not look sober at all.”

The witness told the prosecutor that he understood from the accused that he had a fight with another man (the victim was his longtime friend and shared the same room) and that they assaulted each other. “He told me that he only punched him once, knocking him down. He said the victim initiated the assault.”

The supervisor then went to the defendant’s room. “I saw the victim lying with his face down motionless. His face was bleeding and had a big black eye,” he recounted. Paramedics and the police arrived shortly later.

Another witness, a 23-year-old Mexican technician, said the two men had an argument over who would work and do sports better. “I was sitting with them and tried to calm them down but they would not listen to me. They were both heavily intoxicated. The defendant poured accidentally his glass of liquor on the victim’s shirt after the latter hugged him. It made the victim angry and their argument got even worse. I left their room then and learned later about the assault.”

According to the forensic report, the death was caused due to severe internal haemorrhage. The bruises on the victim’s face were caused by punching. The defendant told the investigator he punched the victim once only and did not mean to kill him.

The ruling has been appealed.


Marie Nammour

Originally from Lebanon, Marie has been covering the Dubai Courts and the Public Prosecution, immigration and labour issues often, and the Dubai International Film Festival. A graduate from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Jounieh, a city to the north of Beirut, she worked as an in-house reporter of international affairs at a leading TV station back home and a legal translator for a renowned law academy in the Lebanese capital. Speaks fluently four languages and is fond of travelling, psychology, learning more, and has grown by now a rich ‘criminal’ imagination…

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