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Does a perfect city exist? Look no further than Dubai – News

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Dynamic Dubai has all the avenues to earn and burn, to charge and recharge, to pray and play, and to live and give.

If cities were given a choice to relocate anywhere in the world, Dubai’s latitude and longitude would undoubtedly be among the most sought-after. Its location affords it the luxury of being the transit capital of the region and, indeed, the world when it comes to travel and trade. A third of the world’s population lives within a four-hour flight from DXB and more than two-thirds lives within an eight-hour radius – which is as lucky as it gets for a city that aims to double the number of its visitors in eight years (from 10 million in 2012 to 20 million by next year).

Dubai is the sweet-spot between Singapore and London, it is the pit stop between Tokyo and Cape Town, a shuteye between New York and Melbourne, a brief breather between Seoul and Madrid, a productive retreat between Hong Kong and Harare, and a shopping haven between Perth and Puerto Rico. Yes, Dubai won the geographical lottery as the right city in the right place. But that wasn’t and isn’t the only factor that makes it the destination of choice for millions of expats who choose to call it home, for the tens of millions of tourists who choose to spend their time and money in the city, and for the almost 100 million who choose to annually transit through the emirate’s airports.

Ask any resident or tourist, and they’ll help you list down scores of reasons for ‘why in the world Dubai’. Dynamic Dubai has all the avenues to earn and burn, to charge and recharge, to pray and play, and to live and give. From the world’s tallest tower and the largest shopping mall to the longest driverless metro line and the biggest gold ‘ring’, Dubai has it all. But it isn’t just about the superlatives.

It isn’t just about the excellent infrastructure for business, lodging and education, or the facility and freedom that empower transport, transit, trade, and telecommunications. It isn’t just about the entertainment options or the entrepreneurial opportunity the city offers. It is about all of those and more.

The city feels just right – it just clicks with anyone and everyone who chooses to pass through it. But that’s no coincidence. Fate and fluke have very little to do with the perfection that Dubai embodies. It is the ambitious vision of the leaders, the exuberant passion of its citizens and the conscientious precision of its administrators that has helped transform a once sleepy fishing outpost into the buzzing metropolis that it now is. Despite being in the heart of a region considered geopolitically volatile, Dubai and the entire UAE is an oasis of peace and prosperity, of amity and accomplishment, of safety and success.

As His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, revealed in an interview with the China Central Television, it is by ‘determination’ of its people that the emirate is today at the cusp of becoming a ‘perfect city’. In the recently aired interview, Sheikh Mohammed said: “Dubai was once small, but the determination of its people was great. Now, we look to Dubai becoming the ‘perfect city.’ We want it to serve as a model for countries that wish to evolve.” That model is ready for all to see as Dubai gears up to welcome the world to Expo 2020. That is when, in fact, not just cities but 192 countries will relocate to Dubai to participate in the world’s greatest show. That’s when the perfect city will play the perfect host. Be here. You wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.

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