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‘De De Pyaar De’ review: A hard-to-digest movie for middle class

Directed by debutant Akiv Ali, De De Pyaar De is about a 50-year-old man Ashish Mehra who has separated from his wife and two grown up children. Ashish (Ajay Devgn) lives in London where he meets 26-year-old Ayesha Khurana (Rakul Preet) at his friend’s wedding. Ayesha attends the wedding as a stripper and slowly starts liking Ashish who finds it difficult to not notice the young woman’s interest in him. Well, the trailer and promos of the movie seemed like Ashish must have fallen for the woman half his age, instead it is the young Ayesha who wants a 50-year-old as her life partner. 

Eventually, they both get into a relationship. Matured Ashish, does not hold back the truth about his divorce and tells Ayesha about his former wife Manju (Tabu) and his two grown up kids. The movie seems quirky until here, but then one fine day Ayesha leaves Ashish and goes away without any apparent reason. Middle-aged Ashish then starts to behave like a love struck teenager, longing for the new love in his life. Ayesha makes a comeback, prompting Ashish to get her to meet his family including his former wife Manju, children who are Ayesha’s age and his parents. 

The odd couple visit India where all the chaos should have begun. But, the De De Pyaar De gets confusing here. As too many spices mess up a good dish, sharp turns in the movie leave audiences confused. Why not, now the 50-year-old man makes love with his former wife Manju and shares the story with his current girlfriend. 

Surprisingly, Ayesha doesn’t bother much about the estranged couple encounters and handles both insult and coldness from Ashish’s family. 


As the story is confusing so is the screenplay.


Debutant director Akiv Ali has made a confusing film. The first half of the movie is still comic and understandable, but the second half seems to be a hotchpotch. 


The music of De De Pyaar De is awesome, soul of the film. 


Editing is okay but could have been cut short by 20 minutes


While acting scores a 100 per cent from all. Ajay has done best and so have Rakul Preet and Tabu. 


The story is uncommon and can be relatable by the rich who live an extravagant lifestyle. For a middle class family or single screen audience, the movie is hard to digest. Also, it may be of interest to the men in 50s who wish for a younger girlfriend. 

Rating- 2*

Film: De De Pyaar De

Duration: 2 hours 25 minutes

Director: Akiv Ali

Cast: Ajay Devgn, Tabu and Rakul Preet


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