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Covid-19: 930 is a dangerous trend, stay six feet apart – News

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930. No, it is not an emergency number but it is an emergency. It is not the time, but it is about time.

Let’s talk about it in the UAE. As many as 904,000 people are six feet under. And we still cannot wrap our heads around the fact that we have to be six feet apart.

Months into this savaging it is horrendously unintelligent conduct to be told by the research figures that 82% of these recently afflicted came through a refusal to engage in safe distancing. For crying out loud, people, can’t you read the writing on the wall. The virus is democratic. Do not be so blas. You could get it.rich man, poor man, beggarman, thief, it doesn’t matter, the next little germ could have anyone’s name on it.

I wanted to put the headlineSix feet under or six feet apart you choose.I was voted down on the point that it would scare people and be a bit too aggressive. Maybe it is now the only course of action to save folks from their own stupidity.

You want to break the basic rules why should those who are still doing the right thing for the right reasons have to pay a price by being held at ransom. Think of it, please, this is a beseeching.

Please do not delude yourselves. Stay apart, stay safe and stop finding excuses for your absolutely absurd need to congregate. You think they are joking when the authorities tell you to safe distance?


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