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Home » Coronavirus news bulletin from UAE: Highest recoveries in 24 hours; extremists selling masks to fund terror; 5 shops slapped hefty fines – News

Coronavirus news bulletin from UAE: Highest recoveries in 24 hours; extremists selling masks to fund terror; 5 shops slapped hefty fines – News

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A round-up of major developments related to Covid-19 across the country.

Here’s a round-up of all the latest Covid-19 developments you need to know:

UAE reports 513 Covid-19 cases, 2,443 recoveries, no deaths
The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention on Sunday reported 513 cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus, along with 2,443 recoveries. No deaths were reported. More than 87,000 new Covid-19 tests were carried out in the country, taking the total to over 7.5 million tests so far. Meanwhile, visitors and residents entering Abu Dhabi and staying in the capital for six consecutive days or more will have to take a PCR test on the sixth day of their stay, besides providing a negative PCR or DPI test result at entry point. New Covid-19 rules for entering the emirate were brought into effect from Saturday, in line with efforts to expand testing for the early detection of the contagion. 

UAE records highest recoveries in 24 hours
The UAE has recorded its highest number of Covid-19 recoveries in a day, pinning the country’s recovery rate at 89%, one of the highest in the world. The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention on Sunday announced that 2,443 patients were cured of the infection in the last 24 hours and no fatalities were reported. A total of 87,000 people were also screened for the virus in the country within the same period, following which 513 new cases were identified. Currently, there are 7,501 active coronavirus cases in the country, that has seen a total of 73,984 cases since the outbreak was first announced.
Saliva testing is effective alternative to nasal swab in Covid-19 detection
A person’s saliva can now be used as an alternative to the nasopharyngeal swab for Covid-19 screening. Use of saliva could exponentially widen the testing network for Covid-19, simplify community testing, and reduce the risk to frontline healthcare professionals. The saliva specimen was self-collected into sterile containers by the patients without requiring the presence of a healthcare professional and did not require the use of preservative transport media while in transit to the laboratory. The study regarding the same has been completed by the researchers from the Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU) in terms of a significant contribution towards the fight against Covid-19.
Extremists selling face masks online to fund terror: Sawab Centre
Extremist groups are creating fake social media accounts to promote and sell face masks so they can fund terror activities, Sawab Centre has warned. The centre, which is the UAE’s online engagement initiative in support of the global coalition against extremism, tweeted: “While the world is trying to recover from Covid-19, Daesh members create fake accounts on social media pretending to sell face masks to fund terror activities. They prey on the vulnerability of the world and have no moral or religious values.” Sawab officials have urged residents not to click on links and open websites that promote terror literature. “In their bloody propaganda, extremists try to brainwash recruits into killing innocent people. Extremist ideology contradicts the common sense we share as human beings.”
5 shops slapped hefty fines for not complying with Covid-19 guidelines in UAE
Hefty fines have been slapped on five stationery shops for failing to comply with the anti-Covid guidelines issued by the authorities. Inspections were intensified at these shops as part of the Back to School campaign, said Omar Hamid, head of market control at Al Dhaid Municipality. “The campaign was carried out by the municipality ahead of the new academic year. Educational tools of various kinds, harmful toys for children, stationery tools bearing offensive or inappropriate pictures and expressions were all screened as part of the inspections. Municipality inspectors visited 23 outlets in the city,” he said. Al Ketbi called on community members to report complaints through the hotline number 993. “The public can also reach the municipality through various social media channels,” he added.

More UAE residents are holidaying at local hotels
The rebound of the UAE’s hospitality sector post Covid-19 will be led by the country’s domestic market, with offerings that are catered around families and their needs, experts said. Tim Cordon, area senior vice president for the Middle East & Africa at Radisson Hotel Group, noted that, based on previous crises, leisure travel is expected to recover quicker, particularly travel for visiting friends and relatives, followed by business travel. “We can see that travellers still want to go on holiday, especially after being isolated for such a long time, but safety has become a top priority,” he said. “As a result, there has definitely been a staycation trend, and it is expected to strengthen in the coming months. Therefore, we believe, the post Covid-19 recovery will be driven by a rebound in domestic tourism.”
How this UAE-based restaurant owner is staying in business the hygienic way
A restaurant owner in Abu Dhabi believes that maintaining hygiene and ensuring safety measures are a prerequisite to staying in business. Buaban C. Tucker, a Thai businesswoman, has secured a clean villa compound for her staff and has increased the frequency of the daily trips to transport them to the eatery so as to comply with the van occupancy guidelines. She also ensures that her staff wear face masks and gloves at all times and maintain good hand hygiene. “We check the temperature of employees every three hours and carry out Covid-19 tests every 14 days. For the dining facility, we keep tables 2.5 metres apart. The restaurant is sanitised thoroughly (twice a day) – once before opening and once after closing.”  
Pre-owned textbooks in demand as schools reopen in UAE
Lending, selling and buyback of schoolbooks are making a comeback this year as many residents are facing financial strains due to unprecedented circumstances. As children return to school whether on-site or turning to virtual modes, books undeniably remain sacrosanct while talking about learning. “Families affected by the economic strain are the biggest beneficiaries, says Montserrat Martin of BookHero, who has been at the forefront of a textbook swap initiative in the UAE. “We have families severely impacted by the Covid-19 crisis. The breadwinner of the house may have lost his job or is experiencing a pay cut and has three or four children. We must understand education is not a choice, it is a must,” he said.


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