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Coronavirus: Live life ‘normally’ or continue to be extra cautious? – News

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Covid-19 has ushered in a new normal – working from home, wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing.

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Covid-19 has ushered in a new normal – working from home, wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing. With the pandemic refusing to disappear, people are getting used to the new normal and learning to live with the virus. Many are embracing and adapting to the new lifestyle as a quintessential way of remaining safe. For others, patience is wearing thin and they believe that an invisible virus does not have to dictate how they live. This is what the residents told us when we asked them to pick their choice between being extra cautious and complacent.


>Things are slowly getting back to normal here, and this is how it should be. Dubai is a city of life and I hope we won’t have restrictions again. However, it is frustrating to see that social distancing and wearing masks in public places are not adhered to. We have all the tools and infrastructure needed to track Covid-19, and it is a pity these initiatives have not been made mandatory. We need to outsmart the virus to keep life as “normal” as possible.

Nicola Ellegaard, PR account manager

>One should be extremely cautious. I don’t think we are yet in a position to relax. The number of infections is still rising and there is no vaccine yet. It is better to be on our guard and compromise on social activities than contracting the virus. I wash my hands often, use sanitisers and avoid unnecessary social gatherings to protect myself from the virus. Even if just one person is infected, he can spread it to hundreds around him. So, why take the risk?

Asif Sohaib Raja, sales manager

>It is always better to be cautious than being complacent in today’s times. Ever since the outbreak, my family and I have been maintaining strict social distancing norms and avoiding large gatherings. Even when we head to the supermarket, we make sure that every item is sanitised before use. You cannot be too careful these days, especially since there are no vaccines yet. I know there might be some who are taking it a lot easier but I prefer to be on the safe lane.

Avinash George, head of sales


>Covid-19 was definitely a jolt for all of us. We have now adapted many new habits ­ – some expensive while others reducing our cost. It was mentally disturbing not to be able to meet our dear ones. A day without any risk of Covid-19 is very far as there is still no tested and proven medicines available. We can’t live behind closed doors forever. We need to adapt and cautiously try to restore most of the normal life. I feel life should be normalised with proper restrictions.

Jayan Balakrishnan, management consultant

>Life should continue as normal despite Covid-19, yet most of us stumble. The virus is a realisation that forced us to rethink norms and reconsider our priorities. Focus on acceptance and opportunity. Acceptance that this is the new normal where many things will be restricted and the situation will continue. And opportunity to spend more time on things that we never had time for. This once-in-a-lifetime crisis can be turned into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Jethroefel Ramboyong, telecom engineer

>The pandemic is here to stay and people must learn to live with it and follow the Standard of Operations Procedures (SOPs) and other health guidelines from the authorities. We have witnessed social, economic and religious changes as results of closures and other restrictions due to the pandemic. Also, this has affected many people and businesses. Above all, we have to turn to our creator for prayers in all faiths and practise good deeds as this is a test from the Almighty.

Vergin Godfrey Ismail Okedi, transport admin


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