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Coming back to Kuwait on new Visa – Family in Kuwait will it affect their residence?

Am cancelling my project visa this week and going to India. Planning to come in new visa to Kuwait. My son is under my residence. Is it possible to transfer my sons residence under my wife’s sponsorship, she is working her and her salary in the work permit is KD 770.

Name withheld

Answer: Under Kuwait law, it is only the husband who is clothed with the authority of sponsoring members of his family. Wives are precluded from sponsoring family members on dependent or family visas. However in some exceptional cases and based on compassionate grounds, a wife may be allowed to sponsor the children but this can only happen with the nod of the Director-General of the Immigration Department. With your wife’s monthly salary being above should the required you may try your luck to see if the Director- General could give the nod for you to transfer your children’s residence to the sponsorship of your wife.

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