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At UNHRC, Baloch activist calls Pakistan a ‘breeding ground of terrorists’

GENEVA: Pakistan has become a breeding ground of terrorists, alleged a Baloch activist, adding that the country has become a threat to the world and especially its neighbours due to its lawlessness and injustices towards the minorities.
“Pakistan is a breeding ground for terrorism. Pakistan is not only committing systematic genocide of Baloch people but also involved in the genocide of our Sindhi brothers, Pashtuns. It’s also a threat for the world because it is a rogue state, there is no law, no justice,” Samad Baloch, the secretary-general of Baloch Human Rights Council, said.
The Baloch Human Rights Council organised a briefing on ‘The Humanitarian Crisis in Balochistan’ at a special tent in front of the UN headquarters in Geneva. In the briefing, the activists stated that Pakistani army continues to carry out operations in Balochistan that has also lead to an increase in the number of enforced disappearances across the region.
Samad Baloch added that the aid provided to Pakistan by foreign countries and international organisations to combat terrorism in its soil is instead being used to build madrassas for funding illegal activities and train suicide bombers for carrying out terror activities in the region.
“The establishment sends their own sons and daughters to accomplish higher studies in western countries but brainwash our children to join the madrassas and spread jihad under false propaganda of seeking salvation,” the activist said.
When asked regarding Islamabad’s claims to have launched a crackdown on terror organisations in a bid to avoid black-listing by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), Samad stressed, “Such is not the case. The entire media, politicians and military of Pakistan are lying to the world. The country is already on the deathbed and therefore global money lenders, including IMF and World Bank, are hesitant in providing loans to the cash-strapped nation.”
Exposing Pakistan against its false narrative over Kashmir at the 42nd UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) session here, the Baloch leader added that Pakistan is committing “systematic genocide” of the minorities.
“We have suffered a lot. Our socio-cultural, economic rights have been denied. Balochistan has been plundered, they have looted our resources. Balochistan is rich in minerals and natural resources, yet the people suffer,” Baloch said.
Not only Samad, but many other activists have also called out Islamabad for committing human rights violation against the religious minorities.
The Baloch activists, gathered in Geneva, have been organising events outside the UN office with an aim to highlight the atrocities carried out by Pakistani agencies and seek international support on the matter.

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