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Aoun to Lebanese … It is imperative for me to bid you farewell

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE speech of the Lebanese President
Michel Aoun is not different from those of other Arab leaders whose citizens
revolted against them, starting from Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to the last of
them, Omar Al-Bashir.

With this, Aoun has expressed detachment
from the reality, not realizing that the furious public sea will not be calm
until all his accounts are investigated. This was deduced from the response of
the protesters, immediately after he completed the speech, chanting “Ox,
revolution is revolution” and “All of them means all of them”.

The people of Lebanon did not take to
streets disrupting their jobs or their studies in universities and other
learning institutions for tourism purpose or to play games, but for their
rightful demands. This is non-negotiable, after about 30 years of a government
that allowed everything for the personal interests of the factional leaders.

The people we are watching on the TV
screens are demanding free education, healthcare, job opportunities, and rescue
from hunger that is domesticated in many regions. The corrupt people have
consumed everything, so it is not about the political compromise or
parliamentary seat for a party or bloc.

President Aoun talked about war against
corruption, forgetting that people are raising accusing fingers at his
political bloc and its allies in the government as corrupt elements protected
by Hezbollah to ensure firm grip on the Lebanese decision in the region.
However, this has reached a dead end today.

The Lebanese people no longer weigh the
pledges or speeches made by the officials, especially when they heard from
their president a week after the protests. It is a supplement of the statements
earlier made by Hassan Nasrallah, Gibran Basel and Sa’ad Al-Hariri. He didn’t
say anything new to indicate honest intention to resolve the fateful crisis
that threatens Lebanon, which the President and his Cabinet were not aware of.

The statement made by the Lebanese
President was meant for the past, and it is not in tandem with the present day.
Rather it seems as if he is not aware that half of the Lebanese population has
been on the street for eight days, so the best thing that can be said about it
is that it belongs to another era. This is in the same form that an ally of his
political bloc Hassan Nasrallah talks from his Dhahiyah tunnels hideout about
the divine victories.

The Lebanese President’s speech was a
valedictory address … farewell for the current sectarian political system
that divided the people of Lebanon. It seemed as though he was repeating the
song of Feyrouz with his voice “It is imperative for me to bid you farewell”.
However, the most unfortunate thing is to respond to such a civilized
revolution from the people of Lebanon with that kind of obstinacy and
detachment from the reality.

This is the basis of fear, that the
political ruling class have deliberately deviated the popular protest from its
course by attempting to create division and transform it into a violent protest
as a prelude to executing their threat that any alteration to the sectarian
balance currently in the government will lead to a civil war.

However, staking on the people of
Lebanon, who dumped sectarian sentiment to ensure success of the revolution
towards the birth of a new Lebanon, which will depict the civilization that we
continue to see in the squares from the far North to the far South and from the
lowland to the mountains, cannot disrupt their aspirations.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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