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An hour with Egyptian rising starlet Salma Khattab

CAIRO – 13 July 2019: The rising Egyptian star Salma Khattab was chosen by the veteran director Khaled Galal to participate in his latest play “Cinema Masr’’ ( Egypt’s Cinema).

The picky accurate director strongly believe in Khattab’s talent who unlike other actresses chose the toughest path and decided to launch her career on the theater stage, directly facing the audience, depending only on her strong acting talent.

‘’ Theater is my ultimate passion, despite how much it is fearful to directly face the audience, the audience applaud and how they praise my performance on the spot, make me forget all that fear.

The theatrical actor/actress get the honest and credible feedback they deserve without any kind of compliments, if you are a good actor you will be praised, if you are not they will criticize you, that’s why it is easy for the theatrical actor to act in a TV series or a movie while the opposite is very hard’’ Khattab said.

Unlike the rest of her generation who chose the easy path through TV series or movies, Salma preferred to launch her career on the theater stage and managed to achieve a notable success because of her strong acting capabilities and her passion with the direct interaction with audience.

Salma spent one and half year in Galal’s workshop. Galal as described by Loumii managed to get out of her emotions and acting performance that she doesn’t even know that she has.

‘’ Khaled Galal is by all means one of a kind director, he discovered in me acting talents that I know nothing about, his theatrical school strongly depend on improvising, he gives us the main theme and the dialogue depends mainly on our improvising, this triggers our creative talents’’ Salma recounted.

One of the quizzes that Galal did with Salma is that he asked her what is the character that she can perform easily and what is the hardest character that she can’t perform, and made her perform this tough character.

‘’ He wants to give me self confidence that I am a strong actor who can perform any role, teach me new acting techniques and capabilities, Khaled Galal usually adds a new glow to the actor/actress that nobody else could add’’ Salma said.

(Egypt’s Cinema), starring the new batch of the Art Creativity Center that Salma is one of its main stars. The first show will take place on Sunday, July 14 and will be attended by veteran stars and artists.

‘’Cinema Masr’’ as explained by Salma focuses on the local cinema and the artists who enriched it throughout their careers; Galal chose a wide selection of scenes from Egyptian films of the golden era to be performed by Salma ’s batch of the Creativity Center.

Numerous scenes are inspired by late actress Soad Hosny, in “Khali Balak Mn Zozo” (Take Care of Zozo), late artist Taheya Karyoka in “Shabab Imra’a” (The Youth of a Woman ), late artist Fouad el-Mohandes, late international artist Omar Sharif, late actress Faten Hamama and many other legendary Egyptian artists that enriched the local cinema with their inspiring works and talents.

‘’ In Cinema Masr play I perform different roles like Karima’s role in “ El Shakaa Men Ha’a el Zoga’’ ( The apartment is for the Wife) which was performed by the late great actress Maaly Zayed, even I performed a mother role, in addition to comedy characters, it was the first time for me to perform in the comedy zone ‘’ Salma added.

Galal for Salma is not just a professor he is like her god father that she takes his opinion even in her personal life. ” He gives me tips in my life in general” Loumii added.

Khattab acting talents appeared since she was in school and she performed in some plays at school and two short movies in the university. ‘’ My last play was ‘’Hal El-Dafayer’’ (Untangled) which achieved booming success’’ Khattab added.

Khattab didn’t rely only on her talent but honed it with workshops and studies as she took six acting workshops with big acting coaches like Khaled Galal and Marwa Gebriel, in addition to the Acting Syndicate workshop which contained an exam that khattab succeeded in and managed to take the syndicate license.

Khattab is a multi-talented girl besides being an actress she is a public relations expert and social media influencer. ‘’ I worked in about six ads as a model, it was a lovely experience for me because modeling depends on acting talent and I enjoy everything related to my main passion which is acting.’’

Loumii added that Cinema Masr play will present about 200 shows. ‘’ Egyptian theater is gradually returning back to its old glow despite it suffered in the past period from doldrums, but after Cinema Masr play and working with the veteran Galal I think I have presented all my dreams in the theater for the current period at least so I will focus the next period more on TV drama and cinema’’ Salma recounted.

In 2018 Salma made her debut in TV drama with her successful role in ‘’Ladayna Akwal Okhra’’ ( we have other testimonies) with Egyptian star Yousra, performing Sally role which grabbed the attention to Salma as an actress who can perform all types of roles.

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