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Amiri Diwan … don’t give rumormongers a chance

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

EVERYONE has the right to follow
up daily activities and news about public figures such as leaders of countries.
Countries which have relations with other countries monitor news about leaders
of the latter. Thus, when a public figure disappears from the media, rumors
find their way to occupy the information vacuum caused by the absence; whether
the sources of such rumors are agencies hostile toward the State or the general
public that quickly falls into the trap of rumors spread by those benefiting
from the information vacuum.

Also, there are wicked people who
strive to destabilize the country to achieve certain objectives and disrupt the
economy by weakening the stock market and other economic corridors. Due to
this, it has become a tradition for leadership institutions to publish reports
daily if the leader suffers from health problems or undergoes routine medical
check-ups. After all, leaders are humans; they get sick just like everybody
else and leaders have the right to take personal leave. In the past few weeks,
Kuwait has been the subject of rumors and some social media platforms played a
malicious role in what was published about the health condition of His Highness
the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

 These rumors were squashed when His Highness
returned to his daily activities, receiving senior officials of the country and
attending meetings with visitors from other countries. However, public anxiety
crept in at the time due to lack of daily reports. Naturally, many questions
were raised on the role of the concerned institution and its slackness in
dealing with the issue. To avoid such rumors, the statement issued last week by
the Amiri Diwan regarding postponement of His Highness the Amir’s meeting with
the US President in Washington was timely and well received by the people as it
explained the reason behind the postponement – HH the Amir was undergoing
ordinary medical tests at an American hospital.

Indeed, the people of Kuwait and
everyone else received the statement well; because it foiled the attempt of
malicious people to fish in troubled waters and disturb the peace and stability
of Kuwait. Nevertheless, the Amiri Diwani should not remain silent. It should
issue such a statement from time to time to reassure the public. In some
countries, the activities of the president, even at the hospital, are usually
broadcasted on television. This is a natural move to prevent rumors from
spreading, as ambiguity and lack of explanation often instigate tension and
even chaos among people.

Perhaps, some Arab leadership
institutions are oblivious to this fact. This oblivion could be due to either
ignorance in managing news and information or slackness. People just want
reassurance regarding the health of their leader, especially the kind of HH the
Amir, the Global Humanitarian Leader beloved by his people, master of open door
policies and sagacious in handling regional issues.

It is vital for the Amiri Diwan
to issue daily information to reassure the people of Kuwait about the health of
their beloved leader. Negligence and obscurity open doors for the evil to do
whatever they want. Such an issue should not be downplayed as there is no place
for negligence or skewed presumptions in this regard.

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By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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