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20 child protection experts in Dubai to become judicial officers – News

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These specialists are experts who protect youngsters from abuse .

Twenty child protection specialists in Dubai are set to become full-fledged judicial officers as they take part in a training programme organised by the Ministry of Community Development.

Aiming to protect children in implementation of the UAE’s Child Rights Law (Wadeema Law), the programme kicks off a nation-wide specialised training initiative for child protection specialists across the emirates.

These specialists are experts who protect youngsters from abuse and any threat that can harm their physical, psychological, moral or mental health. They also take necessary action to ensure that kids are sheltered in a place that will guarantee their safety and protection.

By serving as judicial officers, child protection specialists are given the authority to “control crimes against children”.

And when it comes to cases of abuse, they can evaluate crimes and gather evidence that would be used in public prosecution investigations and court trials.

Eman Hareb Al Falahi, director of social protection department at the Ministry of Community Development, emphasised that the law mandates the establishment of child protection units in all UAE entities and the appointment of specialists who will be trained under the supervision of the ministry.

“The next phase of this specialised programme, which is adopted by the ministry, shall be in coordination with competent authorities to target judicial officers in all the UAE entities and ensure that they carry out the tasks assigned to them,” she said.

What it takes

For a person to become a child protection specialist, he or she should meet certain requirements according to law, Al Falahi noted. “He/she must be a UAE citizen; enjoys his full capacity; must have good conduct and character should not have been convicted of any honour or mistrust crime, even if rehabilitated; holds a university degree in social sciences, psychological sciences, family of childhood fields, and holds a diploma in these specialties not less than three years in the field of child protection.”

Those who aim work with the Ministry of Interior shall be holder of a degree in law or police sciences, or a diploma in these specialties plus a three-year experience in child protection. They must also pass the approved training programme of the ministry.


1-Remove the child from the danger site and put him in a safe place

2-Conduct a social research explaining the circumstances surrounding the child

3-Rehabilitation of the child psychologically and physically by specialists

4-Enrol the childcare provider in training programmes

5-Carry out field visits to check on the child, if necessary

6-Stop the child from going to places or doing things that could harm him/her

As judicial officers …

1-They can evaluate crimes against children
2-They can gather evidence
3-They help the public prosecution and judicial authorities in investigations and trials


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